Finishing up some originals recordings with a music project we call TREE-HOUSE, The Dawn in Quebec and Eastern Canada...

Now through November 23: The Norwegian Dawn is where we will be. Bermuda, the Caribbean and finally, New Orleans. HERE WE COME!

We have completed production on a brand new CD called "Happy Two Gather" , a live disc we just recorded this Spring, (May 2014) with a 7- piece band, and with new songs added to the set list. We will have them available on the ship exclusively this Fall, or on-line and available for download starting December, 2014.

We are happy to have posted our new promotional video links for our shows, and we are working hard on some new music to make available for you by Christmas as well! 

The Happy "Two-Gather", A 60's Flashback Show is gaining momentum, and we are booking more shows both at sea, as well as on land. Look for more exciting news to come at the end of this year. We will have many new show dates in 2015 and 2016, maybe somewhere near YOU!

Enjoy the Indian summer that is just around the corner......