Summer and into 2016 news

JUNE 25  

Thanks to all of you who attended our show to benefit the New Hampshire Prostate Cancer Coaliton. The Happy Two Gather Show was so much fun to perform and we are grateful that we have your support in these great fundraising endeavors. Here's to doing it again, next year! The band, let by Whit Privette was a pleasure to play with, and you might just see them again with us at other venues in the Northeast! A big shout-out to Richard and Anne Hatin - THANK YOU!
JUNE 26  

Our Francis Farm Fundraiser: Sponsored by the Iron Order Motorcycle Club for The Ronald McDonald House. This outdoor concert was awesome and again, we were humbled by the turnout. Look for a bigger version of this same show next year, designed as a mini-Woodstock! Thanks for Craig and Diane Cabral for this opportunity. 

Bookings for the 2015-16 winter season will take us to new venues throughout Florida, with a great 7-piece band.  Please click on the schedules link above for those details. They will be posted as they are confirmed. New ship dates are also posted through the end of June.

 Finally, we have begun the production on our new CD. It will be entitled "The World As We See It" and should be available soon, along with a studio version of the "Happy Two Gather" ALBUM !!! Look for those soon, and we will post news at the end of the summer.

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Be careful out there, and don't forget to BE HAPPY!! J and P